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Scully the Amazon


Hi there my name is Scully and I'm a 13 yr old amazon. I love playing and being out of my cage as much as possible so I'm looking for a forever home with people who are home most of the day. I'd also like to have the company of another parrot as my friend

Scully the Amazon2021-06-23T21:25:10+00:00

Lori & Rico


Hello, we are pleased to meet you. I'm Lori, and this is my friend, Rico, and we're cockatiels. I’m 5 years old and I think I’m a girl. My best friend is Rico, he’s 4years old, and we're both cockatiels, We get up about 8 am for breakfast. We have Cockatiel seed mix, we also

Lori & Rico2021-06-17T19:36:30+00:00

Max – Blue and Gold macaw


Hello, my name is Max and I’m a 16yr old gorgeous blue and gold macaw. I’m actually a girl and so I love lots of attention. Have you got the love and time to give me? I’m looking for a new forever home where I can be spoiled and entertained! That’s your job! I love

Max – Blue and Gold macaw2021-06-16T16:38:59+00:00

Comet & Winter (tiels), Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny (budgies)


Hi, we are pleased to meet you! We are a little flock who currently live together in one home and share a big cage so we’d love a new home where we can all stay together. I’m Comet and my best friend is Winter, we are both cockatiels. Harry and Hermione are best friends with

Comet & Winter (tiels), Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny (budgies)2021-06-14T07:13:21+00:00

Beano and Smokey


Hi, we are pleased to meet you! I’m Beano, I’m a yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure, I’m 6 years old and I think I’m a girl. My best friend is Smokey, he’s a Green Cheek Conure and he’s also 6 years old. We get up about 7am for breakfast. We have parrot food mix, bird greens

Beano and Smokey2021-05-31T01:42:31+00:00

Jimmy & Richard


Hello I’m Jimmy and this is my friend Richard. I’m a 5 year old Celestial Parrotlet and Richard is a 4 year old Cockatiel. We are currently looking for a new home together. I am really quite fond of people and can be handled, if I’m in the mood. Yes I’m a typical bird! All

Jimmy & Richard2021-05-31T01:41:26+00:00

Feather Plucking


Feather-plucking, feather damaging behavior or mutilation is a behavioral disorder sometimes seen in captive parrots, companion parrots which chew, bite, snip or pluck their own feathers, resulting in damage to the feathers, feather follicles and occasionally the skin. It is especially common among, African Greys and Cockatoo's. The areas of the body that are mainly

Feather Plucking2021-04-24T11:45:15+00:00

Over Bonding


Indications of parrot/human bonding, loosely in order by strength and the progression of bonding. The parrot ceases other activity and watches the human when visible, but shows no fear or nervousness. The parrot parallels the human's movements and vocalizes when the human talks. The parrot will make direct eye contact with the human and vocalize,

Over Bonding2021-04-24T11:44:07+00:00

Common illnesses


Symptoms of Illness can be subtle in birds. Things to look out for include; a change in colour or consistency of droppings, sleeping more, changes to the voice or not talking/singing, breathing heavily or any abnormal noises when breathing e.g clicking or wheezing, decreased appetite, changes to thirst, vomiting or regurgitating. At the Parrots Trust

Common illnesses2021-04-24T11:42:51+00:00

The Biting Parrot


Could the reason be YOU? Companion parrots react to how we humans feel when we approach them. They pick up on if we are stressed, nervous or unhappy, so its best not to approach them when we are nervous, stressed or unhappy. They will sense it and this will result in fear and apprehension. Parrots

The Biting Parrot2021-04-24T11:41:17+00:00
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